My goal is to help clients to understand and identify the area where they need help the most so that they can make the best choices for themselves. There is no right or wrong, but rather which one will give them the most value for their personal goals.
Becoming the best of ourselves is our Goal, empowering Clients to discover the answers for themselves about what they want is a process that will transform
them in the process and this can be very exciting. Applying what one learn can be emotional and exhilarating. Discovering the person who they are deep within gets very exciting each time a new piece of who they are is revealed. Those questions we ask as coaches open the mind to think and discovering the best answers for oneself is breathtaking.
Let go and let God, the heart gets involved in the process of becoming our best self. Enjoy the journey.

A native of Jamaica, who migrated to the united states of America in the early 90s, she Believed that coming to America was a calling. As a Medical Assistant, she has dedicated her life over 30 years to the Geriatric community acting as personal assistance, advocate, companion, spiritual advisor, and as a friend.

Nature speaks if we would only listen” a quote taken from the book, Poems from the Heart. I am inspired by the outdoors. Nature speaks to me, I seem to come alive and rejuvenated when I spend time on the outside. It recharges me, comforts me, and helps me to take on the challenges of life.

Interview at The Omega Radio Station for the release of my book, The Gift of Being Desired, and my music Reinvent Yourself in 2020

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Answering to a higher call. Working outside the church, helping where there is a crisis, supporting those in need spiritually and emotionally.

Everything that I have done, and continue to do is, has always been a reflection of God working to carry out His purpose through me. I take no credit, but humbly carry out the plans of one who thinks that I am qualified to do so


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Coaching and Counseling are inspired by the word of God, and by personal experiences. I am not a Psychiatrist or a Physician, if you are experiencing depression, and mental illness, please contact your physician, for further guidance and assistance.