Each day I start out with giving thanks and praise to God, which is important for me to do this.
This kind of attitude not only helps me to start my day right by being thankful, but I also know
that waking up is not guaranteed, but it’s because of God’s goodness and His love that it is
so…one day it will not be. While we don’t know the outcomes for each day, I encourage you all
as I do every day to include God in your day. He loves you and wants to be a part of your life, we
become better, greater, wiser, more beautiful….spiritually and otherwise when we have Him in
our lives.
Morning Praise stated during the pandemic as a source of comfort and strength during the
Pandemic, when all around was uncertainty. Not knowing what a day maybe, or how much
the longer I would have, gave me the strength to encourage others on Facebook each day with
what I am now sharing in the form of a book……there are countless videos as well, that could
not obviously be in this book, but I encourage you to enjoy them as well, as they were made
with you in mind, as our God designed it to be.
Love you always with the love of the Lord.


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